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Based on the completion of this and other successful projects, Southern Company will continue to include BCC on future bid opportunities. Their proven track record speaks for itself.

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Southern Company Services
Plant Bowen Cells 1 & 2

Plant Bowen CCB Disposal Facility

Southern Company, Plant Bowen

Cartersville, Georgia

Combustible Coal Byproducts Disposal Facility

Scope of Work:

At peak times BCC had more than 50 machines in operation on site.  The CCB Project included the placement of 1,235,000 cubic yards of permeability clay.  The Gypsum Storage Project included the installation of 27 acres of 60 mil HDPE liner and geogrid. 


  • 300 acres of clearing
  • Excavating and hauling 4,000,000 cubic yards of dirt and ash
  • Furnished and installed 200,000 tons of aggregate material
  • Installed several miles of pipe, fusion-welded HDPE to CMP (up to 72”), corrugated HDPE (up to 60”) and RCP (up to 72”)
  • Installed structural and miscellaneous concrete

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