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BCC’s experience and dedication to quality made them a superior choice at the time of award. This was proven true many times during the construction of the project.

Project Manager
Mallett Consulting, Inc.
McIntosh Dam and Reservoir

Tired Creek Dam

Grady County, Georgia

Scope of Work:

The project was the construction of a Category One Earthen Dam under the classification State of Georgia Safe Dams Program for Grady County. The work involved the construction of an earthen embankment that impounded a 960 acre lake.


  • Clearing and grubbing of the 80 acre dam site only
  • Total excavation of the project of 60,000 cubic yards
  • Total embankment of the project of 450,000 yards
  • Furnished and installed internal drain system consisting of solid and perforated pipe, filter fabric, sand, and other aggregates
  • The principle and emergency spillway functions are provided by a 200 ft wide concrete spillway and 14 foot high labyrinth weir wall complete with a 200 linear feet Contech bridge
  • Project included extensive riprap armoring of the dam face
  • 60,000 square feet slurry trench cutoff wall