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BCC’s experience and dedication to quality made them a superior choice at the time of award. This was proven true many times during the construction of the project.

Project Manager
Mallett Consulting, Inc.
McIntosh Dam and Reservoir

Snake Creek Dam & Reservoir

Carrollton, Georgia

Scope of Work:

  • 600 AC Reservoir – Including Clearing and Grubbing of Dam, Spillway Site and entire Pool area
  • Total excavation of flood plain was 90,000 CY with construction of dam embankment being 300,000 CY
  • The principle drain included Double 9’x6’ Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert as well as other drains
  • This Project also included an earthen secondary spillway of 150,000 CY. The Flood Plain work required significant dewatering which was accomplished with a series of Well Points in addition to 4” and 6” Vacuum Pumps. The development of multiple borrow areas was necessary in order to acquire the required select fill material
  • In addition, this Project included furnishing and installing internal dam drain systems (chimney drains and toe drains), consisting of solid pipe, perforated pipe, filter fabric, sand and other aggregates
  • The scope included rip rap armoring of the dam face as well as roadway abutments on an existing highway