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Brad Cole
President and Founder

Rehabilitation of Joy Lake Dam

Clayton County, Georgia


Scope of Work: 

Project involved the rehabilitation of a Category I Earthen Dam under the Classification State of Georgia Safe Dams Program for Clayton County, Georgia.  The project included clearing, dewatering, excavation and drainage work on the downstream face and toe of an existing 50’ high earthen dam.  The 40+ year old dam had signs of excessive seepage and instability.  The project included replacing the principal drain for the dam and installing new riprap armoring along the upstream face.  The control of water was crucial to this sensitive project.

In addition to environmental concerns and the protection of downstream interests, this project was crucial to the local community because the dam also served as the embankment supporting the only roadway into a residential area.  The project included extensions and improvements to the existing internal drainage system of the dam. 


  • Clearing and grubbing of the existing dam and downstream work area
  • 5,500 cubic yards of excavation of saturation of the existing downstream face of the dam
  • Furnished and installed internal drain system consisting of solid and perforated pipe, filter fabric, sand, and other aggregates.
  • Furnished and installed import dirt for the expansion and improvement of the existing dam
  • Installed riprap armoring of the dam face