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I wish all contractors I work with were as proficient and possess the knowledge of their trade as does Brad Cole Construction Company. It was a pleasure working with them and I look forward to doing more projects with them in the future.

Senior Quality Assurance
Eglin Airforce Base Projects

JSF Airfield Pavements

Okaloosa, Florida

Scope of Work:

Airfield site package including, but limited to: clearing and grubbing approximately 84 acres, mass grading and working with a total approximate 565,000 cubic yards, fine grading taxiways, roadways, LOLA pad, Apron pad and other paved or concrete areas, large store package, 422 linear feet box culvert, cast in place structure, large water package, erosion control and seeding and sod.


  • 84 acres
  • 565,000 CY
  • 422 LF box culvert
  • Fast track design by owner/general contractor
  • Extensive dewatering for forge pit
  • Tight tolerance blasting and seismic control requirements