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Safety is paramount to keeping Brad Cole Construction performing to the best of our abilities every day.

Wade Douthit
Director of Corporate Operations

Safety Program

Brad Cole Construction’s safety program meets and exceeds OSHA requirements.Employees routinely discuss and prepare for project-specific conditions and hazards.  BCC’s commitment to safety represents a substantial investment that benefits BCC and our customers in the following ways:

  • Minimized project downtime
  • Improved health & safety of all site personnel
  • Cost and loss prevention for BCC and our customers
  • Emphasis on delivering project quality, schedule and budget

An excellent safety record is not an accident but the result of several intentional steps.  Some of the key steps and methods of BCC’s safety program include:

 Implementation of a TARGET ZERO Safety Program – TARGET ZERO is a behavioral-based safety program that involves employees at every level to maintain and improve operational and safety conditions.  It is integral to our employee training and company philosophy.   The goal of the program is clear to every BCC employee – zero accidents.

Utilization of STEP (Safety Through Everyone’s Participation) Observation Process – BCC utilizes the STEP Process to monitor and recognize both at-risk and safe behaviors of employees and subcontractors.  All BCC management and supervisory personnel are trained in this process.

Daily Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Weekly Toolbox Talks – Before starting any job a JSA is performed so their employees are informed about specific risks or hazards and receive guidance in safe job performance.  Additionally, Project Managers and Supervisors conduct weekly toolbox talks to supplement their ongoing equipment and safety training.

BCC Win Triangle Safety Award for eight consecutive years. In 2015, Brad Cole Construction Company received one of the most coveted awards in the construction industry, the Southern Company Triangle Safety Award for the eighth consecutive year. Since 2007, Brad Cole has been recognized with this award annually, an achievement that no other contractor has attained. Read more...