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BCC was the prime contractor for the project and self-performed the majority of the work. The project schedule and all quality requirements were met with no liquidated damages being assessed... Their proven track record speaks for itself.

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Trust & Stability


You always want to do business with people you trust. A trust that is forged by integrity, performance and solid relationships. Work with Brad Cole Construction on projects of any size and type, and you will discover that they are indeed people of exceptional integrity and ability. People who keep their commitments and do the right things for the right reasons. It’s why customers rely on BCC year after year and share comments like “they are easy to work with” and “they went the extra mile.” Put Brad Cole Construction to work and be confident that they will honor and keep the trust you place in them.


BCC stands strong financially, above many in the industry. By maintaining a fiscally conservative approach throughout its history, BCC is debt free and able to bond single projects of $40 million. A certificate of insurance and statement of bond rating and capacity are available upon request.

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