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Delivering Results

Nothing Brad Cole Construction does is just another job.  Each project demands and receives planning, focus and production. BCC’s team is innovative which often means “thinking on your feet,” reacting quickly and intelligently to unforeseen site conditions and changing project requirements. I

Performance Highlights:

  • Cleared and grubbed 200 acres and moved three million cubic yards of earth in three months for new power generation plant
  • Performed total site work including sub-ballast for one of the world’s largest TOFC rail freight facilities
  • Performed the turnkey site construction on the world’s first distribution center
  • Constructed one of the largest RCRA Subtitle D lined landfills in the Southeast


  • Early adopter of electronic, laser and GPS grading technologies and control systems
  • Performed site, pipe and concrete prep work for first-of-its-kind closed loop cooling water system for coal-fired generating plant per Section 316(b) of CWA
  • Utilized existing natural resources for performing major project work on the remote U.S.  Army 7th Special Forces 455-acre site, with no existing infrastructure

Lake McIntosh Dam 1_levels Lg